PLEASE NOTE:  Items listed in the 'LIQUIDATION' section of our site are subject to a 5% Buyers Fee only and not the $350 Buyers Fee which is applicable to items listed in the other Categories!

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Please Review the 'Terms and Conditions', available above, before committing to a purchase. Your 'BID' is a legal and binding offer to purchase and as such, you are obligated to complete the transaction in the event that you are notified by Stewart Belland Sales that your 'BID' has been accepted by the creditor. If a bidder rejects this notification for any reason, his or her account may be suspended.  A 5% non-refundable deposit is due immediately upon notification that you are the successful purchaser.  This deposit can be made via Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, bank draft or e-transfer.  A 3% convenience fee applies to deposits made via credit card. Stewart Belland & Assoc. makes every effort to ensure accuracy of the listings on this site, however, we make no guarantees that the information provided is correct.  All items listed are subject to 'Redemption' by the 'Debtor' and 'Bid Approval' by the 'Creditor'.  Listings may start or conclude before the Creditor has provided a 'Reserve' in which case a 'Reserve' will be applied to the listing once it has been received by Stewart Belland & Assoc.  PLEASE NOTE:  Stewart Belland Sales utilizes 'Anti-Sniping Technology' which extends the listing by 30 seconds if there is any bid activity within the last 30 seconds of the auction and will do so indefinately until ALL bidding ceases. This is to extend fair opportunity to all bidders.

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